Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Girl

On a rainy day in April, my friend Jeri and I were driving to another friends wedding. Jeri asked me how the adoption process was going. I told her although we had just done our home study three weeks ago, I really felt we would be getting a baby soon. The next day, I received a phone call from the agency. They told us that a baby girl entered the world the night before. We were told she was our baby if we chose to accept. Landan and I were thrilled. We immediately told the agency "yes!" First Bump: The agency called the next day. I had been pacing the floor for hours. They told me that the birth mother and birth father did sign. However, the birth father had a really difficult time signing. With Alabama law They still had some time to reconsider.
Second Bump: One of the worst days in my life was 5 days after Addison was born. The agency called and informed me that test results showed that the birth mother was possibly HIV+ and that meant there could be a chance that Addie was as well. They told me it would take one week to know for sure. the agency did not want us to even consider taking the baby if she was HIV+. I felt in my heart that Addie was my baby and I really was devastated.
The Good News! One week later, we found out that not only was Addie fine, but so was the birth mother. She just had an infection that raised her white blood cell count.

Alabama Our first trip to Alabama was horrible. Although, humorous in retrospect. We had planned on staying with Landan's brother who lived in Alabama. He decided to move back to Utah the day before we left for Alabama. He hadn't sold his house yet so he suggested we still stay in his house. We thought that would be great! What we didn't know is that he had packed up everything. We had no furniture, phone, tv etc.. and our cell phones did not get reception in Alabama. We didn't have ICPC yet so we were required by law to stay in the state of Alabama until approval. I begged Landan to let us stay in a hotel but being the cheapo he is, he absolutely refused. So there we were, first time parents in awkward living conditions, in a state we were unfamiliar with, and no access to our little world. We did find apay phone once or twice. After 6 horrible days, we came home.
I actually cried tears of joy when we stepped off the airplane is Salt Lake City.

Addie continues to bring us much joy. She needs a lot of attention and sometimes drives us crazy. However, we love her. She is our baby girl!!

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Denise said...

Once again I am teary eyed reading your story. Although it is Beautiful and Addie is Adorable.

I am so glad that everything worked out.